Contribute to improve health in Africa by becoming a world class partner for the healthcare companies in order to supply African people with the best products of scientific research and generic products with high added-value.

RAFA Global Healthcare Ltd. is a marketing and distribution company specialized in healthcare products (that include pharmaceuticals, nutritional health food and medical devices).

Since his inception 2012, RAFA have worked as Business Development Consulting for life sciences industries companies in french speaking west Africa. In 2014, two abroad companies joined the adventure and RAFA became also a distributor.

Based in Ivory Coast, our network aim to cover west Africa. RAFA is composed of experimented professionals wishing to enhance health in Africa. Stemming from Africa,, US and Europe universities and business schools, our team understands perfectly stakes and new paradigms of health sector in the world. We provide to pharmaceuticals, agribusiness and medical devices companies a dynamic sale force ans a top-grade marketing expertise. All theses are supported by strong scientific background.
Our vision

Our vision

Contribute to Improve health in Africa by Becoming a World Class partner for the healthcare companies in order to supply African people with the best products of scientific research and generic products with high added-value.

Our mission

Our mission

• To make accessible the best of pharmaceutical research, food industry, biotechnology and medical device.
• To meet stakeholder’s need to use health products safely on the African continent.
• To assist health professionals in selecting among the multitude of healthcare products

Our values

Our values

• We respect our strategy. We do not sacrifice our long
• We add value to your value chain.
• We are a group of ambitious people and are determined to constantly go beyond our limits.
• Our goals are high, but realistic. Our integrated vision of the health area and issues related to allied industries gives us the necessary perspective of best choices of pharmaceuticals or food products to promote. • Quality, cost and manufacturing conditions of the products we carry are our priority.
• We make our employees involved actors of the activity who fully benefit from the fruits of their labor.
• Our difficulties, our missteps as a company or individuals help us grow and implement more effective strategies to achieve success.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Our activities span the entire value chain of the industry: it starts from operational research to distribution.
Distribution , Marketing and Commercial representation activities which constitute the heart of our business today are divided into four areas:
o Rafa Pharma (The traditional Generic Pole )
o Rafa Biotech (The drug Innovation & Biosimilar Pole)
o Rafa Wellness (The "health by food" , cosmetics and nutraceuticals Pole.)
o Rafa Device (The medical devices Pole )

Welcome to Rafa

As pressure rises in the pharmaceutical industry and the traditional model of "blockbusters" is gradually slowing, Africa, as other emerging countries, is preparing to become one of the privileged areas of the health industry.

In this area, "Big Pharma" and "generic" companies are already battling in recent years. International agribusiness don’t want to be outdone. Alongside this major issue, we, actors of the health industry will need to give people the means to cope with the ever growing need of quality healthcare products at lower cost and to fight against the outbreak of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

To position ourselves as a leading partner we Rafa Global Healthcare Ltd., take care to provide you with the best products of scientific research; innovative or generic products, our constant worry is to make them accessible, both in terms of cost and geographic accessibility.

As pharmaceutical professionals, we would meet the expectations of our people by making accessible, products manufactured in accordance with the best international quality standards. With this in mind, we offer you our expertise in marketing and sales, but more importantly, our scientific expertise to guide the healthcare professionals in choosing the best products for patients’ health improvement.

Because Africa needs the best, we will be happy to see you join our network of partners. Together we will improve the health of Africa.


Dr. Marc-Arthur Gaulithy

CEO, RAFA Global Healthcare

¤ Chief Executive Officer

Dr Marc-Arthur Gaulithy, MD, Cemba

¤ Pharmacovigilancy, Regulatory affairs and Quality Manager

Dr Yannick Bamouan, Pharm D, Msc

¤ Business Development Manager

Ange-Christelle Traoré, Msc

Sales Manager

Ehui Koutoua

¤ Administrative Manager

Judel Yao, Bsc

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